August 28-29, 2021 





Registration Opens June 29




The 24 Hours of Summer Solstice is North America's Largest 24 Hour Mountain Bike Festival and Relay Event! With teams ranging from solo to ten person it's perfect for the ultimate challenge or a weekend riding or racing with friends. Make the 24 Hours of Summer Solstice the highlight of your summer!








2021’s course will see some upgrades from 2019. The "double f" formula for the 24-hour is Fast and Fun. About 40% of the course is single-track, while rolling doubletrack allows both a mental break and a chance to allow passing. This is a great course for mountain bikers of most abilities, ages and fitness levels with "easy/hard" re-routes around the most difficult sections.





Simplified Schedule for 2021 


2:00 pm - Move-In
5:00 pm – 9:00 pm - Race Kit Pickup



8:00 am – 11:00 am - Late Race KIt Pickup
(Waiver signing open all day for late riders)
10:00 am - Volunteer Meeting
11:00 am - Team Captain's Meeting
12:00 pm - Race Start

12:00 pm - Final Laps
1:05 pm - Awards and draw prizes.



Why is the 24 Hours of Summer Solstice

the most popular in North America?

• Every campsite has a fire pit and a picnic table.

• Chip timing system for accurate and fast results.

• O¬n site technical support, mechanics and parts (including complementary Shimano technical support).

• Showers and washroom facilities on site.

• Festival atmosphere and expo area.

• Event courses designed and built by mountain bike riders.

• Complementary kids' races.

• Family-approved events with an on-site waterpark, playgrounds and extra campsites that you can rent for family members.

• Our 24 hour races have more participants than most NORBA, World Cup and Canada Cup mountain bike events.

• Friendly staff, volunteers, safety crew and competitors help create a fun atmosphere.

• We run different courses for each 24 hour event.

• Albion Hills Conservation Area is located less than 1 hour from downtown Toronto.

• Chico Racing is the most experienced organization organizing relay mountain bike events in Canada.



What is included with my entry?

• T-shirts for all participants.
• Friday and Saturday night campsites are included.
• Park entry for all participants (spectators must pay).
• Bib numbers, goodies and chip timing.
• Complementary Shimano technical support.
• All insurance paid for, no need for mountain bike licenses.
• Full weekend of camping, riding and fun!


Your campsite is rented from 2:00 pm Friday to 4:00 pm Sunday. If you want to rent additional nights please contact Albion Hills Conservation Area at 905-880-0227.

Camping is not listed.

2021 Campsite Map




Limit of 2 helpers per solo. We will break up sites with 4 soloists sharing each site, they will not be pre assigned so you can find a comfortable spot (lots of room). If you have families coming they are welcome to camp in the group camping area available for rent at the camp store on the event weekend (see family camping below). Group water and power will be available in the solo camping area that we have moved to Elmview. This area has large parking a group picnic eating area with picnic tables and it is accessable twice per lap.  Soloists please bring extension cords, and keep in mind the power is primarily for charging lights/using a light, we will not have enough to power motorhomes, air conditioners, microwaves etc.



If you must have a generator we will place you in Chico's Crawdaddy Creek so other campsites aren't bothered. Power inverters will charge your light systems, or a power pack make great quiet alternatives for those with power needs.



The size of campsites vary as many of them are in treed areas and on irregular lots. Your team will fit enough tents, an eating area, bike area, campfire and some vehicles.  Parking vehicles off of your campsite within the park will free up valuable living space. Let us know if you are bringing a motorhome on your registration form. If you have an oversize motorhome give us some additional notice by contacting



These sites are located over at Lake Albion and are made specially for families wanting a quiet area to camp away from the teams (1 km to start/finish, beside the splash pad). These sites are not included with your entry and they can not be pre-booked, but we will find you a spot. To get one of these sites register and pay Albion Hills upon your arrival (approximate cost  is $35 per night including park fees).



Campsites are designated on a first-registered, first-served basis.


If your team has a specific site in mind...







Rider Find Forum




Pre-riding will be open one week

prior the event.

Lighting Technical Support -  Unsure of for 2021
Light and Motion, Topeak and Sigma are the official lighting systems and they will be providing o­n site charging and technical support. We will have a manned charge station for those of you wanting to charge "other" system batteries (bring your charger).


Light & Motion - Unsure of for 2021
Light & Motion will be back at Albion Hills to support the 24hrs. of Summer Solstice with lights to rent or buy, an all-night charging station, and tips to help you get the most out of each and every night lap! New to 24hr racing? Try using a blinding bar mounted system accompanied by a feather-weight helmet system.  This set up will give you a  lot of punch down the single track and good line of sight for cornering.  Double up with the Seca series for sizzling lap times and give our compact Imjin a try. Check out our lights and prepare for your fastest laps to be during the night. 


Light & Motion Rentals - Not renting for 2021
Light and Motion will be renting Secas for $60, and Imjin for $40 (or rent both as a combo for $90), spare batteries for $20 and they may have other lights in the rental fleet. New this year rent a Taz 2000/Trail 1000 Combo Kit for $70.  This cord-free lighting option with Micro-USB charging is great if racing on a team and you have adequate time to recharge (4 hours) between laps. Both can be used on bars or helmet or as a combo for best lighting.  To reserve lights please email Trevor McHenry at Light & Motion . Quantities are limited and comparable products may be substituted.


Shimano Technical Support
Usually reserved for World Cups, Shimano’s awesome wrenches will be o­n hand to make emergency adjustments to your bikes. Please have your bike adjusted prior the event as this is a service for riders needing mid-event adjustments!


Cycle Life Retail Store
Cycle Life will have limited-edition Solstice jerseys, accessories, lights, parts and sale items on hand for the event. They also have on-site mechanics for hire if your bike is a bit tired.


On Site Massage Therapy - Unlikely for 2021
On-Site Massage Therapy will be located in the main sponsor area from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon massaging straight through the night. Riders using their services rave about the benefits of a 15 or 30-minute massage treatment, with many athletes coming back multiple times. Please contact Brian Bennett RMT at 416-894-6015 or visit their website .


24 Hour On-Site Food Services
Scarlett House catering offers pasta, salads, BBQ, ice cream, coffee, drinks and the famous Mick/Chico. Wellington beer is also available for purchase.


Shimano Youth Series Details
Free to those 11 & under! Shimano will be on hand to cheer on the youngsters as they do 1 to 3 laps of a 1.5 km course. Greeting them at the finish line will be a giveaway and a freezie. Look for the mini-person start area adjacent to the big person start. Start time is 4 pm Saturday for 6 and under, 4:20 pm for 7 & 8, 4:40 pm for 9-11, and parents are asked to register at 3 pm at the main chalet. It is the parent/caregiver's responsibility to make sure your child's helmet is properly adjusted, and the bicycle is in good working order.








Albion Hills Conservation Area
16500 Highway 50
Caledon, ON

Directions from Toronto:

Take Hwy 400 North to King Road #11 exit
Turn west (left) towards Bolton, Ontario
Turn north (right) on Hwy 50 in Bolton
Albion Hills Conservation Area is located 12km north on Hwy 50, on the west (left) side.




Hampton Inn, Bolton

12700 Hwy#50, Bolton (905) 857-9990

20 Bells Lake B&B

(905) 859-1555




Solstice Categories and Sub-categories 2020 Pricing - please note paying individually is $5 more per person to cover the set-up of the system and transaction fees. The registration fee includes all online transaction fees.


Team Owner/Captain/Manager is considered the person who first started or created a team.  This can not be updated, but it doesn't affect teams at all.



PLEASE NOTE - Due to the Coronavirus pandemic we have temporarily closed registration.  The event will be delayed. We will give more information as we get it.  All team deposits will be held as a credit towards a future event. If your team can't make the next event, we'll hold credits for a maximum of two events.  







- AS OF December 31, 2021 -

PLEASE NOTE - All team deposits/payments will be held as a credit towards a future event (either 2021 or 2022). We thank you for your understanding as we get through this challenging time.  We will open up registration on June 29, 2021, for this year's event.


Pricing Structure:


Teams must be paid in full by August 9, 2021.


Solo Men - limit of 40 solo total

(39&under, 40-49, 50 plus)

$285 plus HST

Solo Women - limit of 40 solo total

$285 plus HST


Tag Team

(no mixed-gender divisions due to low attendance)

$400 plus HST for the complete team

$205 per person plus HST if paying individually


4 Person No Night Male

$670 plus HST for the complete team

$172.50 per person plus HST if paying individually

4 Person No Night Mixed

(1 woman minimum)

$670 plus HST for the complete team

$172.50 per person plus HST if paying individually


4 Person Team

$670 plus HST for the complete team

$172.50 per person plus HST if paying individually


5 Person All Female Team

$790 plus HST for the complete team

$163 per person plus HST if paying individually

5 Person Age Group

(under 100, 100-149, 150-199, 200-249, 250+)

$790 plus HST for the complete team

$163 per person plus HST if paying individually

5 Person Mixed

(under 150, 150 plus - 2 women minimum)

$790 plus HST for the complete team

$163 per person plus HST if paying individually


6-10 Person Team

$1150 plus HST for the complete team

$148.75 per person plus HST if paying individually you need to pay for 8 people only

(additional people can be added at the event at no cost if paying individually).*

6-10 Person Mixed Team

(3 women minimum)

$1150 plus HST for the complete team

$148.75 per person plus HST if paying individually you need to pay for 8 people only

(additional people can be added at the event at no cost if paying individually).*


Serviced sites are $60+HST (50 only in inventory sold out already) for teams or $30+HST for tag teams. Serviced sites normally sell out on the first day of the event, so if they aren't listed as a purchased item it is because they are sold out. Once we sell out of serviced sites we will have an auction for approximately 5 additional sites with the proceeds going to charity.  You do not need to pay for a team in full to get a serviced site, the team manager can buy the serviced site once they register individually for the event.


Payment Terms

Teams can either pay in full and update their rosters at their convenience.
The team owner can pay for their spot (or multiple spots) and send out an invite link to friends allowing them to register, pay and join the team. If the team owner wants to open their team to the public then can also choose this option and allow anyone to pay and join their team. Teams must be paid in full by April 2 in order to receive a campsite allocation.  Teams not paid in full at the time we allocate campsites will lose priority for an early campsite based on registration.


Refund Policy*
Refunds will only be issued up to 90 days prior to the event date.  After that time you are welcome to transfer your entries on your own. The refund amount will be as follows if you choose to do that:

• Less $150 per team if the team is paid in full ($50 per solo, $70 per tag team).
• Refund less a $35 per person charge if they are individually signed up on a team.


Team Downgrades

Allowed anytime, but refunds will not be issued if the team is paid in full.  If the individual riders owe more money it will be charged plus a $25 downgrade admin fee.

Team Upgrades

Allowed only until May 14
The team will owe the extra cost of the team if paid in full plus a $25 transaction fee per team (not per person).  If the team has been registered as individuals we will not refund the lower price per person if that is applicable.  

Act of God
In the event of an “Act of God” participants will NOT be entitled to any form of refund.  As the organizer we will do our best to delay and run the event to the best of our ability as long as it does not endanger the participants, wreck the venue or put volunteers at undue risk.  We have had to trim down the 24 hour due to rain, and we can not refund riders for hours lost. 

*Act of God, Force Majeure – severe rain, tornado, hurricane, famine, locusts, zombie attack, pandemic


*Unless Act of God then we will reschedule for later in the year or a future year.





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