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JUNE 22-23, 2024 | Albion Hills Conservation Park
Chico Racing

Our Journey

From humble beginnings in 1994 with a single event, Chico Racing has evolved into a beacon for mountain bike events, riding, and trail development in Ontario.

Ontario's Mountain Biking Landscape

While B.C. holds its renown in Canada’s cycling community, Ontario offers its own unique charm. Southern Ontario’s accessible and moderately challenging trails are set amidst rolling terrains, making it a welcoming space for riders of every skill level. The experience of navigating pine-filled pathways or gliding through a hardwood trail here is truly special.

Chico Racing - Mountain Biking Ontario

Our Commitment to Ontario

Chico Racing’s undivided focus on Ontario has nurtured an unmatched bond with the sport in this region. Our dedication has cultivated numerous trail systems that support prominent global events. We pride ourselves on our comprehensive understanding of the sport and our genuine connection with our riders, setting us apart from mere marketing entities in the realm of mountain biking.

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Riders at Heart

Our legacy in mountain biking is enriched by Chico Racing’s president, Adam Ruppel’s history. Adam, having been part of the Canadian National Team, showcased his prowess by finishing 13th at the World Mountain Bike Championships in 1990. Hailing from a family that embraced mountain biking during its budding stage, every member of the Chico Racing team resonates with a rider’s spirit. Beyond organization and promotion, we ride with passion, embodying the essence of the sport.

Join our journey and discover the passion of a team deeply ingrained in the world of mountain biking

Riders at heart - Chico racing