JUNE 22-23, 2024 | Albion Hills Conservation Park
2024 24-Hour Course

17 KM of Pure Biking Bliss

We’re elevating the experience from 2023! Our guiding principle for the 24-hour course is the “double F” formula:

What's NEw

Course Breakdown:

For All riders

This course is tailored for mountain bikers across a spectrum of abilities, ages, and fitness levels. With “easy/hard” re-routing options, the most challenging sections can be navigated according to your comfort. Always remember to ride within your capability.

Pre-riding Details

Mark your calendars! Pre-riding opens the previous Friday leading up to the event. Riders need to gauge the trail, keeping their skill level in mind. Please adhere to all trail rules. Note: First-aid services will be exclusive to the event days, Saturday and Sunday, and won’t be available during pre-riding.

Course MAp 2024

2024 course map is now updated.  Please note the course may change depending on environmental factors.

Join us, ride the thrill, and make memories on this fantastic course!