Chico Racing 2021 Spring Update

Dear Chico Racing supporters,

Thank you for your patience as the events industry struggles to figure out how to exist in covid-19. We actually have more questions than answers at this point on how we can safely organize our events in 2021. We are hopeful we can get our events safely operating again.

2020 was a lost event season with restrictions only easing late summer with maximum allowances of 100 people per outdoor event. This was an arbitrary number as outdoor weddings at small venues with liquor had the same 100 person limit as events without liquor taking place at venues with much larger capacity limits. While this hardly made any sense, we can understand that the government and local health authorities were overwhelmed last year.

As we enter this spring of 2021, we are hopeful the vaccine rollouts will help shape a larger re-opening this summer. With everyone in Canada who wants a vaccine able to get one shot by the end of June, we are cautiously optimistic the summer of 2021 will be much better!

Online registration is closed for our events until we get more clarity from the government and public health on our capacity limits. Our priority will be those who have pre-registered for our 2020 events and whose registration credits were moved to 2021. If we open up 2021 registrations, it will likely be last-minute. While I understand this is far from ideal, we are unfortunately navigating a very challenging time. Nobody truly knows what is happening!

Pre-emptively, we pushed our events forward to June 19-20 for the Epic Hour and August 28-29 for the 24 Hours of Summer Solstice for 2021 only. This will give those events a better chance of being able to operate safely. We are committed to running safe events in 2021, even if there are restrictions on attendance.

We appreciate the mountain bike community's support and understanding. The magic of events is the community, interaction and excitement that has been sorely missed during this pandemic. There are great times ahead, and we'll appreciate them more than ever!

Thank you,

Adam Ruppel,

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