JUNE 22-23, 2024 | Albion Hills Conservation Park

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Thank you for offering to help out Chico Racing for the 24 Hours: Summer Solstice. The event will have thousands of people hitting Albion Hills Conservation Park – that is a lot of people to direct over a weekend, your help is much appreciated!   Here is an outline of the different jobs at our 24 hours event:

Registration Tasks:

Race Package (easy job):
This takes place inside registration, passing out race packages (t-shirts, goodies and race instructions to the corresponding riders). This job is available Friday from 5 pm – 9:30 pm, and Saturday 7:45 am – 11 am. Volunteers can meet with me at registration.

Waiver Check (straightforward job):
This takes place inside registration and the procedure is as follows. Riders must complete a race waiver which will be online (we’ll have tablets and backup paper waivers). Once they complete this check they will receive a sticker that they must place on their number plate verifying them to race. This job is available Friday from 5 pm – 9:30 pm, and Saturday 7:45 am – 11 am. Volunteers can meet with us at registration.

Timing Tasks:
Dismount Attendant (more difficult job): Shakes a bell making sure people dismount their bicycle before entering the timing tent. A loud voice and an aggressive personality are a must. These positions are required Saturday noon-Sunday 1 pm for 3 to 4 hour shifts. They will meet at the timing tent 10 minutes prior to their shift.

Screen Attendants (2 people required during shifts) (more difficult job):
Assist riders swiping their batons on computer timing system as they come through the transition area. These positions are required Saturday noon-Sunday 1 pm for 3-4 hour shifts (depending on the time of day). They will meet at the timing tent 10 minutes prior to their shift.

Outside Tasks:

Front Gate Greeter: (more difficult job)
This takes place Friday night and Saturday morning at the front gate of Albion Hills. Here you assist arriving racers with directions to their campsiteand hand out our 24 hour event maps. A sound knowledge of the park, and the 24 hour campsites, is a valuable asset of this job. Friendly, sociablepersonalities work best, as you get to talk to hundreds of people!

Feed Zone (easy job):
We need attendants to pass out cups of water and eLoad to riders as they ride past. These positions are required Saturday noon-Sunday 1 pm for 4-hour shifts. They will meet with either Matt Douglas and/or Safety Patrol outside the chalet 15 minutes prior to their shift.

Some further details in regard to volunteer positions are:
Volunteers are to report to their shift area 10 minutes before their shift begins in the timing tent, or 15 minutes prior for the feed zone (meet at the base of the chalet). This will allow them to familiarize themselves with their duty and will make sure no gaps are left. Each shift will be 3-4 hours long.  

Please bring bug spray, sunscreen, clothing for all types of weather (rain and cold) and any food/snacks you may require. 

Once you have been posted, you are required to stay for the full shift and cannot leave part way through, as riders and the organizers depend on you. Washroom breaks are, of course, more than okVolunteers should attend the volunteer meeting at 10 am Saturday morning right outside the chalet. This way, we can confirm your attendance. If you cannot make the meeting please refer to the timetable that will be postedand let me (Matt) know that you are attending your shift.

There will be a volunteer schedule with a timetable outside at the bottom of the chalet and instructions on where they will meet.  Volunteers will be given a location to meet their coordinator at each shift change (registration meet at the registration area, timing tent meet at the timing tent, and feed zone meet at the base of the chalet by the sign structure outside the chalet washrooms).

All volunteers will receive a free T-shirt, plus drinks and snacks. 
Those taking 11:30 pm – 2:30 am shifts, 12:00 am – 3:00 am, 2:30 am – 5:30 am shifts, 3:00 am – 6:00 am, 5:30 am to 9:30 am shifts or 6:00 am – 10:00 am shifts at the timing tent or feed zone will get a $50 Visa Gift Card.

Feed Zone volunteers’, cheering is encouraged – especially in the middle of the night!

Thank you again for helping us out
, and feel free to contact me with any questions/concerns you may have adam@chicoracing.com

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