24 Hour Tips

JUNE 22-23, 2024 | Albion Hills Conservation Park

Our 25th Anniversary, 24 Hours of Summer Solstice presented by Glen Abbey Physiotherapy, is approaching. We’ve added a few handy tips for those new to our 24-hour event!

So you want to do our 24 hours; your first step is assembling friends and registering. Make sure you have committed friends who will pay and commit up-front. Those who don’t commit financially might find an excuse for the month leading up to the event.

Decide who your team captain is and start building your team. You can either pay in full with one payment or send out your invites and break down payments to individual team members.

Here are a few good points about assembling teams for our 24-hour.

  • Make sure riders have similar expectations. For example, is your team more competitive or just out for fun?
  • Decide on your team size in advance. For example, a four or five-person team will do more laps than a 6-10 person team, and while we can change categories, we prefer not to.
  • We include a campsite for every team participating in the event, and while there is enough space, it would help if you coordinated tents, trailers and gear in advance. Additional campsites are also available for family camping (at an extra cost) if you have some teams bringing family members and wanting extra space.
  • We know roster changes happen. If someone can’t participate in the event, you are welcome to substitute a rider right up to the day of the event or ride with whomever you got.
  • Teams can take breaks, so if you want to make it more accessible, you are welcome to shut your team down for a night break. Your laps and times will still count. You could also try our 4-Person No Night Category.

Entering your first 24-hour event shouldn’t be intimidating. Our event is about accessibility and being open to riders of all ages, genders and ability levels. We are very proud of how inclusive the event is; you don’t need to be a racer, and many of the participants only participate in the 24-hour.

The riding, camping, camaraderie and fun make this the mountain bike highlight of the year!